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March 31, 2008

To whom it may concern
    I am writing in my capacity as the Director (Acting) of Khulumani Support Group, the national membership organisation of 55 000 victims and survivors of apartheid gross human rights violations in South Africa to support the request for funding of the worldwide network "Justice heals - The international fight against impunity" of which we are a member.
    “Justice Heals” has been a critical partner in Khulumani's own work in South Africa and in this region on ending impunity. The network has provided us with support for our work on bringing a legal challenge against the South African government's amended prosecutions policies that create a further amnesty process for perpetrators who failed to use the opportunities provided by South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. While new opportunities continue to be created to accommodate perpetrators, victims are excluded from any further considerations or provisions.
    The relationship between Khulumani Support Group and “Justice Heals” began with Khulumani's participation in an international colloquium that was held in 2005 and Bochum, Germany. Khulumani was represented at this meeting by Mr Duma Kumalo, a Khulumani project leader and a former death row prisoner. In June 2007, I visited the organisation's offices in Bochum to share information on Khulumani's struggles to end impunity in South Africa.
    “Justice Heals” represents a critical intervention in raising awareness of the lifelong impact of torture on survivors and on the healing consequences for victims when perpetrators of gross human rights violations, and in particular of torture, are called to account.
    Khulumani Support Group strongly recommends that “Justice Heals” receives financial support from the U N Fund for Victims of Torture.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Marjorie Jobson
+27 82 268 0223

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