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21.08.2007, Chile
Ethical Commission against Torture requests the support to all the national and international organizations for the campaign making the house of London 38 a memorial: 119memoria119@gmail.com

The house of London 38: another example of Impunity, silence and forgetfulness

The organizations below signatories denounce before the national and international community the Chilean government's decision of transforming the House of London 38, torture place and disappearances during the dictatorship, in the headquarters of the government Institute of human rights whisking away the will of the social organizations, of the groupings of family of victims and of torture survivors of creating in that place a House of the Memory, directed by the own associations.

We have the duty of denouncing that from 1990 the successive governments of the Agreement, in their search of the negotiation with the political right, formerly of the repression and dictatorial, they have not made more than to give turns in a vicious circle of impunity, silence and forgetfulness regarding the serious violations to the human rights and hurt humanity's crimes happened during Pinochet's dictatorship.  The repair measures, restitution and rehabilitation, they are very far from the principles and positions that the own governments of the Agreement point out in the international forums and the same breast of United Nations. Social repair doesn't exist, restitution, neither concrete, social and moral rehabilitation doesn't exist by no means, a politics of receipt of the collective memory so that the society re-does its fabric damaged by hurt humanity's crimes and the terrorism of State. In the bottom it doesn't exist the political will that allows to give new foundations to our youths in the construction of their present, teaching them on our recent past that claims their place in the history.

Today the Dra. Bachelet that symbolizes in their own family life the havocs of the terrorism of State with death, tortures, exile, detention and persecution, turn out to be the most appropriate in the members of the Agreement to consecrate the impunity, the silence and the forgetfulness. You advances quickly to an I don't punish the violators of the human rights that it is summed up in the discounts of condemnations, quick closings of processes, also maintaining, even effective the Law of (car) Amnesty promulgated by Pinochet's dictatorship.

Today the government has the ambition of locating at Chile in the Commission of human rights of United Nations.  And to make merits, it has prepared the creation of an Institute of human rights, place where the files related with the violations will be stored happened in our country during the dictatorship like they are the help resources, the torture testimonies and the classified names of the torturing ones and kept by 50 years.

The Dra. Bachelet in an authoritarian flare has defined that that institute should work in the former house of tortures of London 38, silencing this way the clamor of the social organizations and of human rights that claim that former torture center, for several years, like public space dedicated to the MEMORY, to the restitution of the good name of the victims and the formation of the new generations in the NEVER MA IN CHILI. Ignoring the fact that the acceptance of exchange of the house of London 38 on the part of the Institute O'Higiniano, was owed mainly to the constant pressure exercised in the wall of the property by the collective MEMORY 119 (former community of Family and Friends of The 119), with the support of other social organizations and of human rights, activity carried out for approximately two years every Thursday.

Which will the government's argument be to convince to the national and international public opinion that is exactly and necessary that don't surrender to the tribunals of justice the testimonies picked up by the Report Valech to end that those responsible for the torture crime that they are investigated and sanctioned judicially?

What will the government make to explain in United Nations that the State of Chile honora his proclaimed commitment of to defend and to promote the human rights and however there is mapuches imprisoned to fight for his rights and workers repressed by his social and salary demands?

How will the government from Chile make to explain in United Nations the decision of classifying for 50 years the name of the torturing ones in our country and the reason his civic government he doesn't listen those who want to contribute from the civil society with the historical memory of the country for the construction of a fair and democratic society?

We call to the national and international public opinion to support to the organizations in their demand of converting LONDON 38 LIKE HOUSE OF THE MEMORY. 

¡¡ Verdad, Memoria y Justicia !!

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